New Record on the way

I received a call from Bob Crawford on June 1, 2015. He asked me if I would like to make another record with Don Dixon. Hell yes was my answer. I had worked with Don back in 2002 at the Old Reflections Studio in Charlotte. We made a record called "Room 23", that was released on Silver Meteor/Ramseur Records in 2003. The experience of recording with Don in 2002 had been very exciting and satisfying. Several more records followed "Room 23" as I continued to write songs and perform them with different bands; all albums I am proud of, especially our 2014 release, Serpents Of Reformation. That said, I welcomed a return to working with Don because I like his way of bringing out the best in the players he works with. He did just that with my present line-up; Robert Childers on drums and backing vocals; Korey Dudley on bass and backing vocals; Geoff White on fiddle; Dale Shoemaker on guitar and backing vocals; and volunteers, Jacob Sharpe from Mipso playing mandolin and singing backing vocals; and David Niblock on acoustic guitar. An added bonus to the whole experience was working with Mitch Easter at his amazing studio in Kernersville, NC. Between Mitch and Don we had the benefit of 2 of the most seasoned and accomplished producer/engineers/musicians alive today. From the time I got that welcomed call from Bob last year, until we went into the studio on May 4, 2016, I wrote like crazy and worked my band like a mule team to get ready. I feel good about what we did and look forward to hearing the result very soon.